The Perfume of Flesh

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The Perfume of Flesh

The Perfume of Flesh

Steak, milk, fake blood. 2015.

The mother; sweet and warm, delicate and pure.  She remains soft and still under your fingertips.

The curious woman, bitter and metallic. She desires as you do, yet her desires take the form of an untameable beast, rough and lustful, escaping captivity.

The Perfume of Flesh is a video performance piece in which the artist washes herself to Evangelical choir music using a steak. The installation shown here was the video projected onto a wall with two balloons, one filled with milk and the other with a bloody substance. The piece was also installed separately in the piece Apostasy in Practice. Through the act of washing with a tainted material, with raw flesh, the body is never actually cleaned. This portrays he futility of trying to achieve bodily purity.

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