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Curated by Haley Craw in room 371 at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Artists included: Sondra Meszaros, Eva Cournoyer, Haley Craw, Ryan Danny Owen, and Dominic Pinney.


The transforming body defies containment, breaking through the cage it is placed within.  The cage is built on absolutes, a singular perspective and a dogma of purity.  Purity of the body, purity of thought, purity of experience, purity is an unalterable state.  An unalterable state cannot learn and it cannot grow.  An incorruptible body, festering on the inside.  The transforming body is open to experiencing itself in previously unimaginable ways; it is unexpected, flowing, ambiguous, and indeterminate.  It performs a complex identity, a leakage of contents, and a shape-shifting form.

The metamorphic culture is revolutionary.  It is not afraid to push back on tyranny.  It always questions the “new normal”.  An aversion to change secures a culture in the past, worshiping the once “great” experience of the people.  Traditions of subjugation flourish when metamorphosis is rejected.  Revolution is built on transformation, a desire for compassion that can shake the very foundation of the tallest building.


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