Apostasy In Practice

Apostasy in Practice

Jehovah’s Witness literature, stained dress, embroidery, video performance. 2015


Apostasy in Practice was featured in the Feminist Art Conference 2015 exhibition in Toronto, ON. Read more about the piece in an interview here.

Apostasy in Practice is a sculptural installation with a small television playing a video performance of Haley Craw cleaning herself in the bath with a steak to Evangelical choir music. The television is placed on the dresser she used as a child and is accompanied by a collection of Jehovah’s Witness reading material. Pages are framed from one of the books intended for young adults detailing shame in loss of virginity and describing homosexuality and masturbation are one of the greatest sins according the teachings of God. The dress is suspended from the ceiling with red thread and it is covered on the front with a red stain, referencing menstruation, the stain of a fallen woman. The antique chair, once belonging to her grandmother, is tipped over away from dress as if the haunting presence knocked the chair over in a fury. On the wall is placed an embroidered piece reading “When I Die I Shall Rot”, the beginning of a quote from philosopher Bertrand Russel.